The Academy – Liar by C. L. Stone #Review


Title: the Academy – Liar
Author: C. L. Stone
Genre: New Adult
Publisher: Arcato Publishing
Publication Date: August 10, 2014
Source: Own ebook

Worse than a thief, is a liar.

Kayli Winchester can finally let go of her thieving past and for once walk on the right side of the law. She’s had enough of the hustle and is determined to become the good girl.

But her brother, Wil, is still missing. On the hunt for him, she discovers something worse than a missing sibling: Marc, Raven, Axel, Corey and Brandon. These aren’t just scoundrels with hearts of gold. They’re flat out criminals. But they’re criminals who need her.In a ruse to draw them away from her brother and learn more about this so-called Academy, Kayli joins them on a mission to Florida in search of a missing little girl. Kayli will do anything to make sure her brother is safe. She’ll find their leader. She’ll discover their intentions. She’ll infiltrate their ranks. And if they try to threaten her brother or herself, she’ll burn them all.But when these five hot Academy teammates all contend for her heart, her resistance starts to crumble. Maybe she wasn’t meant to be the good girl, anyway.

Liar is the second book in the Scarab Beetle series. Kayli is keeping the Academy boys away from her brother after she found out that they want her in the Academy. Problem with that is she doesn’t know them at all and anyone that gives up something will want something back. They do everything they can before have to do jobs to find Wil. But the job Kayli goes on turns out to be harder then it should of been. Plus with Blake tracking her phone, texting, and calling her even before she gets to Florida. What else could happen?

I enjoy this one just ass much as Thief. The guys are hot and C.L. writes some pretty steamy scenes with the guys. This is a fiction new adult book that is a faster pace then the Ghost Bird series. The guys and Kayli are older and not as naive as Sang. We do learn more about this Academy team just little hints and pieces along they way.


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