#Review of Hekate’s Chalice by Teagan Kearney 

Title: Hekate’s Chalice: Special Investigators for the Magickally Challenged

Series: Adept Solutions Book 1

Author: Teagan Kearney
Genre: Urban Fantasy and Mystery
Publication Date: August 15, 2016
Received: via Teagan Kearney request


A stolen artifact. An imminent deadline. A tenacious investigator.

JB runs a private detective agency, but if business doesn’t pick up soon, he’ll have to close the doors for good. When someone steals Hekate’s chalice, JB and his maverick team jump at the chance to track down the supernatural object. They’re resourceful and determined, but can they outsmart wizards, witches, and daemons before the client’s deadline expires?

If you like gripping mysteries interwoven with generous doses of magic and humor, then you’re going to love Teagan Kearney’s book, ‘Hekate’s Chalice’, the first volume of the ‘Adept Solutions’ series.
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***I would like to thank Teagan Kearney for providing me with “Hekate’s Chalice: Special Investigators for the Magickally Challenged” for free, for my honest review***

This is the start of Adept Solutions series but I didn’t feel like it was at the start of the series. We are thrown into an ongoing investigation with not much knowledge of characters. It would have been a five if we had a better introduction of the characters. As the tale progressed we had a better understanding of them. The concept of the storyline is intriguing and it does make you want to learn more. It is read in a third person point of view with jumping around to see what is happening with different characters. I personally don’t enjoy the jumping around to different people in stories. It was a minimum and didn’t bother me to much. I recommend Hekate’s Chalice of you enjoy paranormal mystery plus it is on KU (Kindle Unlimited) and if you don’t have that it is only $0.99 for a limited time. 
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