#Review Spirits, Beignets, and Bayou Biker Gang by @WriterDeanna 

Title: Spirits, Beignets, and Bayou Biker Gang
Series: Pyper Rayne, Book 2
Author: Deanna Chase
Genre: Paranormal
Publisher: Bayou Moon Press LLC
Publication Date: October 18, 2016
Received: via Deanna Chase


Medium Pyper Rayne and her witch boyfriend Julius are on an impromptu getaway in southern Louisiana. The quaint bayou town has everything: a Victorian inn, a famous brew pub, the best beignets this side of the Mississippi. Oh and an infamous bayou biker gang.

When a ghost rider suddenly appears with clues to an unsolved kidnapping, Pyper and Julius find themselves smack in the middle of a crime ring. Only not everyone is who they seem. They’ll need to untangle the web of secrets and figure out who to trust before they risk everything… including their own lives.


***I would like to thank Deanna Chase for providing me with “Spirits, Beignets, and Bayou Biker Gang” for free, for my honest review***

I was really excited to get another book from Deanna Chase. She is a master weaver of stories. She creates vivid details with just her words most don’t do any better than her.

Pyper and Julius are caught up in another adventure. We start out with them that trying to spend time together alone in Louisiana on a bike. You know as well as I do that anytime they want to be alone something is wrong in the ghost world. This time is no different. Now I could tell you all that goes on but where is the fun in that. Just trust me you will be sad to miss this one. The twists that happen in her tale are just crazy. I can’t wait for next one. How we end is the best way possible for everyone! But do me a favor and don’t read the end first. You won’t have all the details you need. Now go get it! 


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