#Review Sworn to Ascension by @TEdunWrites #ShatterAnEmpire 

Title: Sworn to Ascension

Series : Courtlight book 6
Author: Terah Edun
Genre: Fantasy and YA
Publisher: Terah Edun Publication
Publication Date: January 28, 2015
Received: via Terah Edun (purchased from BN also)

Ciardis Weathervane is officially engaged to one man and bonded to a second. She should be planning the wedding ceremony, bearding the nobles of the imperial court in their dens, and exposing an imposter emperor. Instead she’s spending her engagement on the lawless road to the western lands.

Now with the help of a guide from a tribe of seers, Ciardis is traveling to the ancient city of Kifar. Rumored to hold the only device capable of stopping the blutgott, Ciardis, Sebastian and Thanar must break a half-century’s old quarantine in order to enter the fabled city.

But the collar of Diamis is not the only thing they seek. The princess heir’s pet wyvern lurks in wait for them and the emperor, who has done everything short of challenging the new triad of Algardis outright, wants its head on a platter upon their return.

If the unscrupulous bandits don’t make short work of them, Ciardis knows that when they return she and Sebastian will have to a face and unmask the man who has stolen the imperial throne. The only question that remains…will that be before or after they’re forced to battle a god?

My first thoughts of finishing this book are. Really it ends there!! Terah Edun had taken this series to a new place and the relationships with it. But just a heads up nothing is really answered in this story. I understand why because it is getting there but I would have still liked a little bits answered just not everything. I know this is vague. It is because I do not give spoilers when reviewing a book. I still loved it without having my questions answered. It kept me intrigued throughout  the whole story.

I hope everything will work out for the three tied together. Yes, they start on their journey with few people but Ciardis was having a lot of problems, mostly emotional ones. She has some great friends or allies as everyone keeps saying even her. Things happen that you wouldn’t think and certain people say/act like children. However, towards the end of the book it defend that they are going to work together. Still not were they all need to be to save the empire.  My last thought on the book still is really it end there! I guess I just have to wait for the next book to come out to see into the city and hope none die there.


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