Catalyst Moon: Incursion (Volume 1) by Lauren L. Garcia #Review 

Title: Catalyst Moon: Incursion (Volume 1)
Series: The Catalyst Moon Saga book 1
Author: Lauren L. Garcia
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Inkitt
Publication Date: July 15, 2016
Received: via Inkitt


Winner of Inkitt’s Dreamlands contest, this is the first book in an exciting new fantasy series.

Kali and Stonewall have to find a way to work together in order to survive, but she’s a mage and he’s taken an oath to protect the world from magic.

Magic is new to the country of Aredia. Mages are enslaved for their abilities, locked behind high walls and guarded by sentinels – elite warriors with an unnatural immunity to magic.

Kali, a crippled mage who longs to escape her painful past, travels to meet a powerful healer in Whitewater City. But on the way her sentinel escort is decimated by monstrous raiders, leaving her with a single guardian, Stonewall: a sentinel with nothing but his chosen name and his faith in the gods. Together, Kali and Stonewall must learn to work together to survive a harrowing journey while demonic creatures from the north invade their lands.

Meanwhile, the mages and sentinels of Whitewater City are drawing battle lines and preparing for war – against one another.

What will await them should they ever reach their destination?


I received this ebook for free from the publisher for an honest review. I have to let you know it is a slow read since it is the start of a new series we need more information to process certain scenes that happen. Do we know everything that really is going on in the book no. However, Lauren did a wonderful job of writing in third person point of view and jumping to different characters during Catalyst Moon. It gave us, the readers, more insight on what was happening. I understand why we were jumping around with the characters but I just don’t enjoy that.

Catalyst Moon is set in a time of magic but since it is new to the world most of the people are scared of it. However, we get to people change their views on mages because of what Kali does with her magic. I loved seeing the compassion and camaraderie between Kali and Stonewall grow each time we are with them. The other characters provided us to know what really is happening around the world and not just showing the start of a magical  partnership.

If you enjoy magical stories such as the Courtlight series and Chronicles of Elantra. I would recommend giving this a try. It is only 99 cents right now on Amazon

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