Shadow Born by Jasmine Walt ( @Jasmine_Writes ) and Rebecca Hamilton ( @InkMuse ) #Review 

Title: Shadow Born

Author: Jasmine Walt and Rebecca Hamilton
Genre: Paranormal and Urban Fantasy
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication Date: August 16, 2016
Received: purchased from BN


Chicago Police Detective Brooke Chandler is keeping a secret… and if she’s not careful, it could get her killed.

Brooke is no stranger to the supernatural. In Chicago, vampires are just as prevalent as drug lords, and infinitely more bloodthirsty. So when her partner and fiancé dies in a mysterious fire while chasing down a lead in Salem, she suspects something dark and otherworldly is at play.

Blessed with the ability to see into the past by touching inanimate objects, Brooke transfers to the Salem PD, hoping her talent will help her get to the bottom of things. Between dodging assassination attempts and being stonewalled at every turn, the going is tough. Add in a mysterious fae club owner with secrets of his own and a personal grudge against her, and it becomes nearly impossible.

If Brooke wants to play in the supernatural sandbox, she’s going to have to roll up her sleeves and get dirty. But how many people will have to die for Brooke to discover the truth about her fiance?


Ok so I preordered this book since the overview was so outstanding. Let me tell you it didn’t let me down one bit. I truthfully don’t enjoy regular mystery stories but with the paranormal I can handle them. I am an avid reader of Patricia Briggs and Laurell K. Hamilton’s books. However, what Jasmine Walt and Rebecca Hamilton created in Shadow Born was a whole new level. I can’t go into details of the novel without giving much away. But I will give it my best.

Shadow Born doesn’t even start slow at all. Brooke is a detective in a mission to find out what happened to Tom. Crazy things start to happen and we find out Brooke’s secret in the first couple chapters. One we find this out things get heated up and I can’t wait to read the next one. I am glad there wasn’t any really big cliff hangers. However, there are a lot of questions about Brooke that need to be answered. Trust me you will not want to put the book down once you start it. At least I didn’t. 

It is only $0.99 for a limited time. You really should get it. You won’t be disappointed. 

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