New Corpse in Town by Lucy Quinn #Review 

Title: New Corpse in Town
Series: Secret Seal Isle Mystery #1
Author: Lucy Quinn
Genre: Mystery
Publisher: Seaside Story Productions, LLC
Publication Date: July 14, 2016
Received: via Deanna Chase for an honest review


FBI agent Cookie James is enjoying her extended leave from the agency on Secret Seal Isle, managing her quaint inn and flirting with the oh-so sexy-handyman, Dylan Creed…until her sixty-year-old mother goes skinny dipping and is almost drowned by a corpse.

A phone call to the sheriff should mean the end of Cookie’s involvement, but when it’s clear the sheriff has no interest in the investigation, Cookie calls in reinforcements…her ex-partner Hunter O’Neil. Suddenly it’s like old times while the pair questions the residents of Secret Seal Isle. Except it’s not. Now she has both Hunter and Dylan vying for her attention, a wayward hippy mother, and a potential killer on the loose.

With her love life heating up, her mother lighting up, and all signs pointing to the most unlikely suspect, Cookie does the only thing she knows to do–focus on solving the case.


I received this from one of the author’s that are writing in this shared pen name for an honest review. I have to say that I was skeptical about reading the story. I am not a fan of mystery or suspense genre. It did take me a while to get into the book. However, it had nothing to do with how it was written. I really enjoy both of the authors that are writing as Lucy Quinn and really enjoyed the book once I was able to get into it. It was a little slow going at the start and I personally wanted something to happen quickly. I finally got some steamy sexual tension from a couple people in the book. Plus there was a lot of humor in the book that I would have missed if it wasn’t in it.

Cookie seems to be missing her old life but is actually moving forward by the end of the book. We find out some of why she went to Secret Seal Isle in the first place. Not enough for my liking but I enjoy knowing everything up front about main characters since I emotionally invest in them. I enjoyed the thought process that she has while working a case and also running her business. She is a no-nonsense kind of person but with a wicked sense of humor.

Rain, Cookie’s mom, is a hoot! I personally wish there was more of her in the book but since it is a starter for the series I am ok with not seeing a lot of her because she does seem to be a lot to handle.

I would recommend checking this out if you enjoy Deanna Chase and V. Vaughn books because it is a perfect balance of them both. It is available at all retail outlets.


Barnes and Noble 



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