Witched to Death by Deanna Chase #Review


Title: Witched to Death
Set in the Magic and Mayhem world by Robyn Peterman
Author: Deanna Chase
Genre: Paranormal
Publisher: Kindle Worlds
Publication Date: June 20, 2016
Received: via Deanna Chase

There are worse things than being a ghost summoned from New Orleans to Asscrack, West Virginia… especially when you wake up mortal, naked, and in the arms of the oh-so-sexy Diesel Jacobs.

Diesel Jacobs is the new wolf in town. Plagued by a curse that leaves him shiftless, he seeks out Zelda, the healer of Shifters, for help. But when her spell to cure him produces Ida May, his former sort of girlfriend, suddenly he has a lot more problems than being unable to shift.

Still smarting from being dumped over a hundred years ago, Ida May is in no mood to help…and unfortunately for Diesel, she’s the only one who can get his shift back.

I received this ebook from Deanna Chase to provide an honest review. It is always fun to see another author’s portrayal of a world that they did not write. You do not have to read Robyn Peterman books or any of the other ones in the Kindle Worlds. But I recommend doing it so that you know all of the little inside jokes that happen. We learn a little about them but not everything.

Ida May is a lively character that Deanna Chase brought to life. Deanna stayed true to her writing and true to the world of Robyn. You get to learn what really happened to Ida May and also learn about Diesel during his time with her. I enjoy the wit the Deanna always brings into her work and this was no different. There was some sexual scenes in this and sexual innuendo. Deanna wrote it tastefully. I highly recommend getting when you can. However, it is a real short story and I can’t say I would pay the $1.99 for it but it is only available on Amazon US so they get to set price.

I am ready to read another story in this world. Can’t wait for more of Deanna’s personal work to come out.

Only available at Amazon US


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