Fatal Fugue by @Maelani #Review #eArc


Title: Fatal Fugue
Series: The Deadlier Sex Book 1
Author: Maelani
Genre: Murder, Mystery, Suspense, Erotica, Romance
Publisher: Alexia Purdy Publishing
Publication Date: January 16, 2016
Received: purchased from Amazon and from Alexia Purdy directly

****WARNING: This book is suitable for mature readers only and contains sensitive subjects such as human trafficking, rape, murder, blood, gore, adult language, and dark situations. If you are easily offended, shocked, or triggered, this story is not for you.*****

I was a monster once.

At least, that’s what people say.

They all know who I am. The horrible things I’ve done.

Even if I don’t remember, they know.

Jay is a fierce hunter—handsome, mysterious, deadly, and he knows all about me—at least he says he does. He knows the reason I’m here in Texas watching a house burn, a dead man inside of it. The empire I built in Vegas, full of violence, sex, and money.

So. Much. Money. So much to die for. So much to kill for…

He says he wants to help me. He says he knows me.

But I don’t even know myself.

I need to stay alive long enough to find out what happened to me, but there are those who’d rather stuff my body six feet under faster than a one-night stand. I need to get back to Vegas. Now.

The ones who want me dead are waiting and there’s nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.

And no one to trust. Not even Jay.


Wow… I am completely stunned with the fabulous story that I just read. I do not usually go out of my comfort zone much. However, I am glad that I was asked to read this one for an honest review.

It is a dark suspense erotica romance new series that kicks off with a bang. We are just getting into the first part of Hayley’s story and don’t really know what is true or who to believe. The sexual scenes were done with taste even if some of them were twisted. You were warned in the Blurb of the book and trust me if you have triggers from past issues this book could cause them. I recommend not reading or skipping if it starts to cause one. She has the warning for a reason and if you choose to ignore it that is your choice.

But for me I am so glad I received an eArc of the second part to get started reading right now on it. Well maybe in the morning I have to be up early. Good night lovely people. Oh by the way, it is only available on Amazon and right now only 99$ or free for unlimited. Check it out while it is cheap.

Buy Now!


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