Figuring updating out

So I am trying to figure out how to over haul my page with just using my phone. It is a bit hard to do because it doesn’t show it as people will see it if they are looking on the web. I need to update my old reviews so that they are tagged better. I need to fix the pages I did so that they are up to date also. *sighs* Any ideas to make this a better page I am willing to hear. I know I need to post more reviews. I just haven’t been reading a lot or getting into my reading list. Hopefully with the holidays coming I will be able to get back to posting a couple a week.


So yeah it is hard to do the updates that I want on my phone. I can do some and have. But there is more that I want to do. It is mostly for the reviews so that they are easier to find.


One thought on “Figuring updating out

  1. Hope you will find this tips useful…try to download the wordpress app on your phone or tab..can’t remember when last I posted using a lappie…secondly, download a reading app on your phone that you can put soft copies of novels on your phone… I even have an eBook converter…so that you read whenever u like..


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