Blades Of Illusion available for PRE-ORDER & catch an excerpt now!

So excited for it to almost be here!

Terah Edun

Blades Of Illusion Book Cover - 900x1350The second book in the Crown Service series, BLADES OF ILLUSION, is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

Not only is Blades Of Illusion on pre-order, but the prequel BLADES OF MAGIC is temporarily free. Yes, you read that right. But by Wednesday night, it will be back to paid. So I suggest you download your free copy today and start the Crown Service series.

For those who haven’t read Crown Service, it follows the journey of a battle mage and young woman named Sara Fairchild determined to uncover her father’s crimes. But nothing is as simple as it seems and as she bumps into dark groups along the way, she learns that perhaps her father’s crimes weren’t as obvious as it would seem.

As an unstoppable war breaks out between the mages of the Algardis Empire, young Sara Fairchild enlists in the empress’s army to find out exactly…

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