Dark Child (Covens Rising): Omnibus Edition by @AdinaWest #Review


Title: Dark Child (Covens Rising): Omnibus Edition
Author: Adina West
Genre: New Adult, Paranormal,  Sci Fi & Fantasy
Publisher: Momentum Books
Publication Date: August 28, 2014
Received: Netgallery.com

Kat Chanter isn’t your ordinary girl. And she isn’t your ordinary vampire, either. The ruthless Directorate would go to any lengths to have her power – including murder. And when that leads to a war between races, Kat’s fate becomes the ultimate prize …

Kat is done with being on the run, or so she hopes. A new pathology job in Paris is her big chance to start afresh, far from the Tabérin Directorate who want her dead. Sure, adjusting to life as a half-vampire, half-human hybrid poses its own challenges, but it’s nothing Kat can’t handle … until the past starts to catch up with her.

Teenage loner Ben is also hiding his hybrid bloodlines and a troubled history with the Directorate. His growing involvement with Yara, the most popular girl in the senior class at his school, exposes secrets that place them both in mortal danger.

Because the Vodas, the all-powerful leader of the Directorate, has made eradicating hybrids like Kat and Ben his obsession. And as his methods grow more extreme, it’s not just his own people, the vampiric Tabérin, who plot to overthrow him. Another ancient and arcane power stirs. One that could threaten them all …

The covens are rising.

Dark Child (Awakening) is the first in this series. You will want to read it first to understand the series better.  Adina does go over what had happened in the first books but not everything is explained. This is a new way of looking at the paranormal world. There is not the normal vampires and weres that are usually described, it is a refreshing new twist of Tabérin (like vampires), Unalil (like weres that change into different animals but drink blood also), and The Families of Power (witches).

In Coven Rising we see Kat taking on more of the Tabérin role in her blood.  Meaning she is having to drink more blood.  Kat doesn’t believe that she is something powerful but everyone else does. She wants to make sure everyone is safe. We will also meet Ben and Yara. I think they are going to be a part of the big picture in the end.

Kat kept getting bracelets as gifts by males that were Tabérin and Unalil. We find out what exactly that means and is meant by their people. I feel sorry for Kat sense she still doesn’t really understand everything that is going on with her or her life. Every one keeps saying they know what is best for her. But they are looking out fortheir own people.  We kept learning more about her that most didn’t know about her. I certainly cannot wait for the next part.

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