Fire in the Blood by @ErinM.Evans #Review


Title: Fire in the Blood
Author: Erin M. Evans
Genre: Sci Fi & fantasy
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Publication Date: October 14, 2014

SCRIBE- award-winning author, Erin M. Evans, continues the riveting tale of her Sundering character, Farideh, as she becomes embroiled in a Forgotten Realms-flavored game of thrones.  
In a direct follow-up to the third book in the Sundering series, The Adversary, young warlock Farideh falls into the midst of a battle for the throne of Cormyr. As the war brought on by the Sundering rages across Faerûn, princes and princesses, wizards and rogues scheme to capture the seat of power of the Land of the Purple Dragon—with Farideh and her allies caught squarely in the middle.

This book seemed so promising but I didn’t realize that it was not the first book in the series. It is an interesting idea of a love story with a twist. There is war going on and demons plus magic. I just didn’t understand enough of it to follow it easy.  If you have read the books in order then you won’t be disappointed with Fire in the Blood. There was a lot I enjoyed such as the dark magic, different point of views, and that the gods meld with the people.  If I had read the first books I would have enjoyed this one more. I need to stop requesting book off of NetGalley by just the covers. I should read the description also. Fire in the Blood took a while for me to read mostly because I was trying to follow what was talking place.


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