Seven Day Sale starts 08/27! All Courtlight ebooks $0.99

@TerahEdun is having a sale on all of her books are going on sale for #$0.99

Terah Edun

I’m having an AMAZING sale on all the Courtlight series books across all retailers. KOBO. KINDLE. NOOK. ITUNES. You can go to them all and get all five of the Courtlight series books for free or $0.99. Limited time sale running from 08/27 – 09/02. If you peek now you might even catch them early!

So if you missed a book in the series or have been waiting to catch up now is the time. SWORN TO ASCENSION releases on 09/30/2014. If you’re one of my fans that joined the readership ranks from Crown Service or Sarath Web you don’t want to miss this sale, Courtlight is the series that started it all! Remember you have only seven days to catch this sale. So tell a friend and click away. 🙂

Clicking on the covers will take you to Amazon. To view the books elsewhere click here: KOBO, ITUNES

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