Yours to Desire: ES Siren 3 by @DeniseRossetti #Review


Title: Yours to Desire: ES Siren 3
Author: Denise Rossetti
Genre: Adult Romance, Erotica, SciFi & Fantasy
Publisher: Momentum Books – Moonlight
Publication Date: August 28, 2014

A man more potent than any drug.

It’s 2202 and on board ES Siren, the brilliant Doctor Lily Kwan has worked in secret to develop an antidote for the aphrodisiac rape drug, sexmeth.

She’d be overjoyed if it wasn’t for an embarrassing problem: the antidote has no effect on her extraordinary reaction to Connor Madison, the Siren’s tough quartermaster. Scientifically, it should be impossible, but the man’s a raging fever in her blood. If a single dark glance sets Lily on fire, a kiss might kill her dead – but what a way to go!A former gang rat from the slums of a dying world, Con came up the hard way, so when geeky Doctor Kwan tops his hit list of possible drug runners, nothing’s going to save her—not her family’s money, nor her clever mind.

Not even the smile in her eyes.

We are now on to Doctor Lilly and Connor Madison, the Siren’s tough quartermaster. Doctor Lilly is trying to find a cure for sexmeth but the way she had to get the products is not technically legal. Connor wants to find out where the messing are. Somehow the two are connected between the drug and missing supplies. You will have to read to find out.

The sexual scenes are after half way threw for them together. Lilly does have a fantasy but not with an available person to interact with. This was my favorite out of the three that I read. The sexual scenes were steamy and hot. The story tied everything up nicely. Loved the end. Everyone got what was coming to them. Such a great story!!


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