The Academy – Push and Shove by @CLStone #Review

Ghost Bird series Book 6

Title: The Academy – Push and Shove
Author: C. L. Stone
Genre: Young Adult
Publisher: Arcato Publishing
Publication Date: June 1, 2014
Received: Purchased

Sang Sorenson struggles with her growing feelings when the Academy boys take her in and draw her closer into their world. They work together to uncover the true secrets happening at Ashley Waters High School, where Principal Hendricks will stop at nothing to take them all down.

Adding to their complications, Nathan’s father shows up, and he’s just as ruthless and violent as ever, beating up on Nathan. Sang offers Nathan refuge in her home, but Marie is fed up with the boys. She wants them out–all  of them—and wants them to take Sang with them. Where will Sang go? What will happen to Nathan? And what about Mr. Hendrick’s spies, watching all of them?

Kota, Victor, Silas, Nathan, Gabriel, Luke and North will have to focus to get out of this mess, but with Sang assisting them, they’re struggling to keep control. They all promised not to make a move on Sang unless she initiates, but the tension is driving them all to distraction. With the help of Dr. Green and Mr. Blackbourne, they will have to stay strong and engaged. But A first kiss is imminent, and will cost them all more than they could ever have imagined.

Yay! A first KISS happens!! You can’t guess who it is and then the second one is a surprise too. They are kisses on the mouth, if you were wondering. Push and Shove is mostly dealing with stuff about Nathan. We see what Nathan was talking about when he said his father caused them a lot of bruises. But that is not all that happens because Sang gets a “job” and can help pay for things, since she now has cash.

You will get sucked into this one to find out about all the twists and turns. The ending angered me a bit but hopefully it will get fixed in House of Korba, which comes out in October. Parts of the book make you wonder what was wrong with the guys and what they were thinking. But the guys always there when she desperately needs them.


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