By Grabthars, Hammer. What A Savings.

#Free Yay! Dead Witch Walking is free today! It is by Kim Harrison!

Kim Harrison

If you’ve been lurking on my blog the last few months, you might recall me griping about distributers trying to mandate the price of an electronic book instead of the publisher who actually, you know, creates it? That all books are not created equal any more than say, shoes, where we value individuality and creativity, and experience in shoe making, rewarding said creativity and style, and experience with a higher price tag.  That that high price associated with a small fraction of ebooks is usually temporary, when demand is high, and that it drops when the demand begins to fall. By the way, this is nothing new. Hardcovers have always been more expensive, and if you watch, you’ll notice the price on them drops dramatically when the mass market comes out. E-books are slowly finding their price points, and they seem to be following this same pattern.

For example, just…

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