Sky Pirates by Liesel Schwarz #Review


Title: Sky Pirates
Author: Liesel Schwarz
Series: The Chronicles of Light and Shadow
Genre: Sci Fi & Fantasy
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group – Del Rey Spectra
Publication Date: October 28, 2014

With her husband, Hugh Marsh, missing in the netherworld and presumed dead, Elle Chance loses herself in the task at hand: piloting the airship Water Lily on commissions across the globe. But as it turns out, her beloved is very much alive—the once-powerful warlock reduced to a wraith. When Water Lily is threatened by pirates, Elle will have to channel all her power as the Oracle—the keeper of the barrier between the two Realms—to try to save what she loves most. As the dark forces of Shadow converge around her, Elle must find a way to breach the curse that binds Marsh. But once released, will Marsh return to her—or is their love destined to die so that he can live?

Sky Pirates is book three in The Chronicles of Light and Shadow. I haven’t read the first two since I received this for free from Netgallery for an honest review. I recommend reading the first two books before this one since I was a lost on certain things. The book is will written and characters are thought out. But without the back story of Elle in the first two books you can’t understand what she is growing through. I enjoyed the style of writing that Liesel Schwarz created in this series. Just read the first two books before trying to read this one.


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