Thief by C.L. Stone

Scarab Beetle series Book 1

Liar is the first book in the Scarab Beetle series, which is a New Adult series by C.L. Stone.

Kayli is an 18 year old girl that had had a hard life. She is trying to make enough money for her brother and herself. Their dad doesn’t help and is abusive. Kayli has to be a thief to get just enough money for a crappy hotel room that they all live in. While Kayli uses her “arrests” to get the money from the preps. She gets noticed by Academy boys!

The Academy boys don’t know what to think or make of Kayli. They do have an assignment coming up that she could help with and they want her around. Will she help or won’t she?

This series is different then the Ghost Bird series by going at a quicker pace in three romance department and doesn’t have a girl that is completely native. You will enjoy this boy for the way it is written and how well it is put together. Kayli comes off as a hard ass at times but it is because she doesn’t want to be hurt. She is a fun loving, street smart, young lady that can kick butt when needed.

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