Forgiveness and Permission by C.L. Stone

Ghost Bird series Book 4

Forgiveness and Permission is where we find the boys and Sang after for parents are gone. Sang is still trying to get her footing surrey everything that has happened. Mr. Hendricks is causing problems for her and she has to keep dealing with them. Mr. McCoy is more frustrating then every and towards the end gets hands on with Sang.

We mostly see that the boys are realizing that they want Sang to stay with them and are worried about other academy teams finding her. They will do anything just to make her happy and sometimes over step their boundaries. Sang doesn’t hold it against them at all, which might not be a good thing in the long run. Will she ever truly trust them, most likely, but will they trust her? Keep reading the series and find out. Next books go more into each boy and their life.


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