The Academy – Friends vs. Family by C.L. Stone

Ghost Bird series Book 3

Book three in the ghost bird series starts with Sang’s dad telling get that he is going on a “business trip”. We will find out later on where he really has been. Sang was suppose to take care of her sick mother. It doesn’t work out well.

After the issue with the balcony Sang’s ankle is messed up and had to be checked out by a doctor. But when she gets home her mother is on a war path because her dad left. Sang goes threw a punishment that could of killed her but the boys come threw for her always. Sang is finally starting to realize that family can be a choice, which is what the boys are to her. The Academy boys make sure to set Sang up with security so this can’t happen again. There is another episode with her mother after she has spent tine with her boys. But they come the again.

If you can’t handle some abuse being detail to a young lady do not read these books. If you don’t think a girl should care about more then one boy at a time. I would not recommend this either. It is a young adult books for now but with become new adult at some point. I still enjoy this series and seeing that there are people out there that help others.


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