The Academy – First Days by C.L. Stone

Ghost Bird series Book 2

For the second book in the Ghost Bird series, The First Days is not that bad. It had only been one week since Sang meet the boys and school will be starting. Sang is exited for it to start since she will not be alone this year, the Academy boy, will be at the school for this year.

We start off with everyone getting their schedules, Sang is taking more classes then the others, and they write who is in each class together. The boys do what they can for each other with out even thinking about it. Sang is part of that now and you notice it right at the start. Sang is still shy and trying to do what is “normal”. But with the boys there is just doing and not worrying about what everyone else might say or think. However, she does have to negotiate with her older sister, Marie, so that their mother does not find out about the boys. There are some events that you see Sang as a girl to hold her own and that the boys will always be there for her no matter what.

This series is about an abused girl that meets special boys that help each other grow and stay together. They take Sang into their fold but even thou she doesn’t know everything about them or the Academy she does know that they are there for her. This is just second book in the series and there are usually two books during the year. Each both has a different issue that gets worked out and can keep you guessing. Enjoy reading!


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