Cast in Peril

Book 8

Cast in Peril is the eight installment of the Elantra chronicles by Michelle Sagara.

We start off with Kaylin finally lighting the candle, finds out she has to go to the West March and then her home blown up with her in it. She is only alive because of the egg, she has been taking care, hatches when the bomb explodes as saves Bellusdeo and Kaylin. Kaylin because of Bellusdeo is invited to live at the Palace until she is able to find housing. It will however, be handled after she returns from the West March.

Before Kaylin is able to leave there is an issue with missing people of the fiefs. Not just in the fief of Tiamaris. The Hawks were inform about a missing person that happened I’m Tiamaris which Kaylin and Severn checked out. What they were able to find out points to a Barrani lord that looks to be involved in the bombing plus other illegal activities and that it is more then one missing person. The missing humans have been sent to the outlands per Tara and are unlikely to be seen again. Kaylin wants to stay to find out what is going on. But what she doesn’t realize is that I’m the end she will fine out what has happened to them.

We will see Kaylin traveling to the West March while on the road she will learn about why she had been requested to travel there, about the Barrani stories, and Teela’s past. Kaylin does not make it to the West March completely until the next book. All of thaw will come out more in the next book, Cast in Sorrow, to be tied up nearly. If you choose to start this one you will need to read Cast in Sorrow soon after.

I really have enjoyed this series. Some of the books are a little slow to get started but it gives you the back story you need to understand it all in the end.

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