Cast in Ruin

Book 7

Cast in Ruin is the seventh installment of the Elantra chronicles by Michelle Sagara.

There is trouble in the fief of Tiamaris after the refugees escaped the gray in-between and have stroked in the fief. Lord Sanabalis has requested Kaylin to be seconded to investigate with her Corporal. While she is doing the tasks at hand she is suppose to be taking classes with Lord Diarmat (which we know Kaylin was never good at). Kaylin’s first day in the fief is meet with shadows and something unusual. She takes someone’s name and sword then investigates deaths of a visor to the fief.

Kaylin will have her hands full with this investigation from the very start to finish. The Akron is unhappy with the deaths and so are the other dragons. You will find out more about the laws in this book. Some turns you will not see but might figure out that it would happen. I enjoyed this book more then the others because Kaylin is not featured as a clueless girl with powers as much as out seems in the other books. The Elantra chronicles are one of my favorite series. I recommend reading them all. I will reread them before a new book is out just to see if I miss something.


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