Blog posts and my series reviews.

I usually read books that are seires or at least more then one book. Some authors that I have enjoyed i will read all of their books. Most I will get my books on Nook eReader(Barnes and Noble reader), however, I have started to use Amazon(for freebies). I am really new to blogging and have just started this last week. If you have ideas for me I am up to hearing them. Any ideas will be helpful. 🙂



8 thoughts on “Blog posts and my series reviews.

      1. What I mean is pls, don’t take long hols off blogging consistently for two weeks and taking off for another one month, coming back and repeating the cycle…it kind of breaks the love relationship with your readers.


      2. That makes sense. I really have not thought that far a head. Lol. I am trying to post at least a once a week. I figured that making sure once a week was would be good to start.


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