Cast in Secret

Book 3

Cast in Secret by Michelle Sagara

Third book in the series that tasks Kaylin with Hawk work or so she thought until she found out that it is not all that it seems.

Kaylin is advised that there is something taken from Elani Street (this we have read about a bit, it is were rich people go to get some magic done that hopefully works out). She doesn’t know what is taken and isn’t able to find out either. But we know that it is an end of the world kind of item. We also learn more about certain characters that are feared but shouldn’t be.

Kaylin grows in this book and faces some fears that were misplaced. She will learn more about her markings and work magic that she never really tried before.

On a side not Nightshade and Severn are both in this book. Still trying to figure out what to make of them both. Which is part of the reason I enjoy the books so much.


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